Many individuals considering the purchase of a park home or lodge often question the necessity of legal advice. The article titled 6 Reasons Why You Should Use a Specialist Lawyer to Buy a Park Home sheds light on essential considerations. Here are the key insights from the article:

1) Government Advice: The Government strongly recommends seeking advice from an independent professional when purchasing a home, emphasizing the significance of this major commitment.
2) Following the Correct Procedure: Failure to seek proper legal advice from a specialist familiar with the entire park home purchasing process, including pre-owned homes, may lead to legal consequences. We have been involved in numerous cases which underscore the potential pitfalls, highlighting the importance of avoiding future problems by obtaining legal advice at the outset.
3) Understanding the Contract: A specialist lawyer provides valuable insight between the buyer and the site owner. This includes a thorough review of terms and conditions, such as pitch fees, utility payment obligations, and the site owner’s responsibility for communal areas.
4) Clarification of Site Licensing and Planning Permission: Specialised legal guidance ensures that the park site has the correct licensing, planning permission, and contractual elements, especially considering the differences between permanent residential sites and holiday lodge sites.
5) Practical Guidance: Seeking advice from a specialist lawyer offers practical guidance beyond what a local high street firm might provide.
6)Stress Reduction: A park home legal expert’s guidance, well-versed in the intricacies of park homes law, instils confidence and reassurance throughout the purchasing process. This peace of mind makes the entire experience easier and more enjoyable.

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